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I am FootsiesPajamies, you can contact me, view my past work, or look at my testimonials.

My Work

This is a sample of work that I have done.


'Good to work with and sent straight after I paid.' ✫Potato
'Dev is friendly' jmd7231
'Was quick and even had a pounding headache but still did the job. The website works correctly, +1 to this guy' zXceL
'Amazing Patience, did lots of edits and amazing!' 『BLN』Crow | μ's
'Very nice, part of team Omni, and finished reasonably quickly, very nice guy. Would work with again' Tom Roman
'Taught me the basics of web development. Answered any question I had, was very friendly and easy to talk to.' Dan
'He did a great & fast job, really easy to work with... Sometimes i can be a pain in the ass but he handled everything pretty well, after he was done there were a few bugs and he fixed them inmediately. Recommended.' Unknown
'Nice guy. Been asking questions like a fucking retard and he's been answering them and helping me out with stuff, just as the job description stated I would need help with.' Pat
'Forum reskinned, aswell as a sidebar displaying my server's status. Upon contacting him, he suggested we engage in homosexual, one-on-one relations, upon which I suggested he instead works on my forums. While we completely skipped out on our homosexual fantasies, the website did fulfill the missing hole in my heart, seeing as it looked amazing. ALLAHUAKBARRR' Garnet
'Excellent work from this guy. Was extremely fast and very helpful. Thank you!' [VG] Mooskovin
'Very cooperative and listens to what needs to be done. Makes changes per request and does the best to their ability.' [NN] Aether
'He Is fast and does great worl. Very professional, and works hard.' Sexy Confederacy
'+1 Got everything that I needed done in an instant!' JacobZeOne
'Persistent, reasonable and easy to work with.' Kroka
'Well done on the website. Good forum layout!' Flashy
'Very friendly, helped me out with a lot of things despite lots of setbacks.' Would recommend 10/10 PayPalAU
'Great work. Did everything I needed and provided the item as asked. He was okay with doing half pay then the item then finishing the pay.' [SPD] BC BEST
'Great guy, willing to help and sexy.' A Chicken Nugget
'Did as requested, easy and friendly to work with.' Baksus
'Was easy to work with. Put up with all my problems on my web server. Over all i would say a great hire.' =MG= Mutative Agent =(e)=
'Does perfect work and does it fast' Up Syndrome
'very fast and nice' [HLλ] John Oakman
'Very nice and professional, I highly recommend hiring this fantastic human being. Great deals and great work. 11/10 ~ IGN' GWheelz
'Good, Fast, Nice Guy great work all around' Magic
'Great developer, he walks you through the process and even goes the extra mile in commitment. I am so glad I found FootsiesPajamies, I couldn't have done what I wanted to without him. Seriously, this is your guy.' {GR} Aroe
'Very good at what he does. +1 for web development' AGC Omega
'Highly recommend' Kronos
'Worked diligently, created exactly what I was looking for. Went the extra mile to ensure I was satisfied with it, A+.' |TBB| Xer0n_
'Friendly you help me for my loadscreen. You do this correctly and fast. It was really nice to work with you. Thank you.' ~~~Zeico~~~
'Helped a lot for a cheap price. Blue
'Helped me out and actually did it for free! Love this guy did it fast and Was really nice.' [FG] WolvesGriefing
'Awesome job! went really fast and got exactly what i wanted. Fast and easy.' Sir Skittle
'Very friendly and great person to work with, totally recommend!' Moat
'Fantastic work, did everything that was needed to be done without error, even went above and beyond my expectations, very fair with pricing aswell, I'm overall very happy with the services footsies provided. thank you.' Corvezeo
'Patient and overall decent web designer. I would highly recommend!' Pingu
'Up and rising developer with a good work ethic. Puts effort into his scripts, and provides great support.' Nookyava
'Great support, and a great guy!' Dragla
'You really do listen to feedback from your users and released an update just to fix warns with spaces in needing. Really appreciate that by the way. Good guy and great support!' Flame
'Great Developer made my loading screen no problem.' Ferment Joy
'Very fast response, he is great and got everything I needed done in a couple of hours and came on our TeamSpeak too!' Sgt. Val
'Diligent and competent developer, completed exactly what I needed in little time. I highly recommend Footsies to anyone needing website development.' Diamond